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CMI has a team of senior engineering and management staff.

We manage our manufacturing resources in China, and use the CMI methodology to ensure the quality of their products on your behalf. We work with a wide range of manufacturing companies with whom we have long standing relationships and who are open to compliance with CMI's and your quality standards. We also develop new suppliers as needed, to fulfill our customers' requirements.

Our services include design reviews, assistance with design engineering, creation of prototypes, manufacturing, global shipping, and overall management of communications between the customer, CMI and our suppliers.

Our capabilities include precision machining, forging, plastic injection molding, rubber molding, investment casting, die casting, metal fabrication and assembly services. Additional process capabilities may be developed to meet our customer's requirements.

CMI understand that Business in China is based on relationships. Throughout years, we have built strong ties with our suppliers. Our customers can really take advantage of this process right out of the box. This not only saves our customers the costly upfront investment needed to develop them, but also allows our customers the immediate access to fast growing and technologically competent Chinese manufacturing companies.
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