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CMI's Focus on Quality

CMIworks closely with clients in every phase of the product design and development cycle. We assist customers with PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) and quality audits. Our suppliers are ISO 9000 certified. We also provide clients with customized Quality Assurance programs utilizing our metrology capabilities.

In China,our full time, senior engineering and management team works directly with a range of manufacturing companies with whom they have established, long term relationships, to ensure quality on your behalf. Their focus on quality is systematic and methodology driven.

CMI's Quality Assurance Programs include:
  • Certified ISO 9000 suppliers
  • Project Feasibility analysis
  • Engineering assistance with product design
  • Third Party Quality Assurance inspections
  • Quality audits of suppliers
  • Documentation for PPAPs and first article inspections

Our Quality Processes

CMI's full time management and engineering staff based in China works with a select group of manufacturing companies to fulfill our customers?orders. CMI staff selects the right manufacturing plant for each project, on a case by case basis. Usually this is from our tested, known suppliers, but we have capability of course to source completely new suppliers if needed. Our primary focus in supplier selection is on our customers? requirements for quality, timeliness, and cost.

In our assessments of our suppliers we consider the following to be essential.
  • Quality objectives and responsibility are clearly stated, widely communicated, measured and understood throughout the company.
  • Regularly scheduled senior level management reviews occur to verify the effectiveness of the quality system. Corrective action/continuous improvement plans result from this review. Metrics and systems and resources are in place to drive and maintain quality improvements, and these are being utilized.
  • A solid plan is in place to reduce the lead-time required for product. Metrics are in place to measure on time delivery. A process is in place to communicate to the customer, in advance, when the possibility of missing a delivery exists

Our evaluation and monitoring of our suppliers?capabilities also include the following.
  • A formal calibration program including; identification, calibration intervals, traceability, calibration method/equipment, environment exists with fully documented calibration procedures and adequately trained resources.
  • Quality measurement and control equipment, including tools and fixtures that are used for inspection, are sufficient to assure conformance to requirements.
  • Accuracy, Repeatability and Reproducibility of measuring devices and inspection or testing processes has been established and is frequently reviewed for improvement. Note: Are gauge R&R studies conducted and are P/T ratios acceptable?
  • There is a documented procedure to initiate correlation studies between the supplier and their customers during product development and/or manufacturing startup.

The above are not complete lists, but as you can see, these are standard, recognized approaches to quality well known to us here in the U.S. As our suppliers work to create your product, CMI's full time management and senior engineering staff in China is overseeing operations, ensuring quality, and handling communications on your behalf so that you have an advocate on site with your interests as a priority.

Feedback from you to us and from us in the U.S. to the China-based operations is a part of any long term relationship. We have made the investment and built these capabilities into our process and operations. That is why we have been successful growing long-term relationships with repeat customers.
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