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Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum die casting is a popular manufacturing technique because it is an efficient, cost-effective way for OEM’s to receive large orders of complex, uniform parts in a short about of time. The aluminum die casted parts are also strong and light weight.

CM International produces aluminum die casted parts from 1”-30” in size (12mm-750mm) and offers a 12 week lead time for large orders. Our tolerances are always to customer specifications with general tolerance per ISO 2768 /ASME Y14.5-2009. We are headquartered in Chicago with our manufacturing facilities which allows us to provide high-quality, cost-efficient aluminum components to our customers.

Benefits of Die Casting Aluminum

  • Complex configuration
  • Good strength
  • High precision
  • Light weight

Common Parts

  • Housings
  • Handles
  • Brackets
  • Covers
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