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Steel Forging Services

As a full-service steel forging manufacturer, CM International offers hot forging, cold forging, open and closed die forging, and roll forging. Our steel forging resources in China allow us to produce superior custom metal forgings at low costs to you. Our part size capabilities range from 25mm to 750mm (1” to 30”), and are always made to fit your application’s requirements. In addition to steel forgings, we also offer logistics support, warehousing in the USA, inventory programs, feasibility analysis and other quality assurance programs. When necessary, we can provide light sorting and assembly services. CNC Machining, plating and heating treatments are included as part of our value-added services.

Metal Forging Materials

We forge a variety of metals and materials to customer specifications, including:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • & More

Industrial Forged Parts

As a full-service steel forging manufacturer based in Chicago with facilities China, we have worked with many industries to create custom forged parts. Products we have forged in the past include flanges, valves, tubes, hubs, and much more. Contact us to discuss your part specifications.

Forging Technology

We work with a range of Chinese manufacturers who comply with our quality standards to meet our clients’ expectations. These facilities are equipped with the finest forging equipment to ensure your custom metal forgings arrive quickly and accurately.

Production Equipment:

  • Hot Forging Presses (2500T, 1000T, 630T, 400T)
  • Air Drop Hammers
  • 200 Ton Secondary Operation Presses
  • Sand blast and Tumbling De-Burring machines
  • Bar Shear Cut Off Machines
  • Saw Cut Off Machines
  • Gas Furnaces
  • Induction Heating Furnaces

Inspection Equipment:

  • Sclerometer
  • Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
  • Magnaflux
  • Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer
  • Metallographic Analysis Instrument
  • Spectrum Meter

Secondary Services Offered

After initial forging services, we also offer Conventional Milling and Turning & CNC Machining and Turning, along with:

Plating Services: Plating (Zinc, Chrome, Tin, Nickel, Copper), Coating (E-coating, Powder-coating), Black Oxide, Anodize

Heat Treatments: Annealing, Normalizing, Tempering, Quenching, Induction Harding

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